Who Am I ?

Mick Jennings JPMr ( Just Plain Mister).  None of the fancy qualifications or letters etc.

I started photography in the early 1970’s using an old Zenit B and soon joined a local camera club to advance my knowledge and techniques.  It wasn’t long before the bug bit so upgrading was called for. I got a Pentax K1000 with standard 50mm lens plus a Tamron zoom. By the late 70’s I was using a pair of Nikon FM’s with a variety of focal lengths, and also into developing and printing my own mono and colour prints as well as processing slide film.

Family started in the early 80’s and apart from family pics, photography started to take a back seat as money and time commitments changed and there was so much kids stuff to carry that the cameras were left at home, so it was point and shoot only and some video for quite a few years.

In the 90’s I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D40 and returned to the camera club in the hope of learning Photoshop from the members. Soon progressed to a Nikon D90, the eventually upgrading to full frame D800 & D850 with a bag full of kit.

I like to shoot all kinds of stuff (except birds on sticks – I’ve not got the patience for that) but mainly Landscapes, sport and studio photography.